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St. Maarten - the best to visit

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Joined: 08 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2008     Post subject: St. Maarten - the best to visit Reply with quote

I was there Feb. 2005. Had a blast, would love to go back. I stayed at my Uncle's timeshare, right by the airport... .Can't remember the name of it though.... Something Royale.... I think Carribbean Royale or something.... But anyways, there is an actual hotel right next store that work together (share same pools and stuff).... Although no matter where you stay, the island is small enough to do your own exploring, I recommmnend to stay where I did.... Right by the airport, so excellent views.... (Right of passage is to stand right at the fence by the water when the big jets are going off, and then let the air blow you in the water when they take off.... Lemme tell ya, the sand hurts like a b*tch!!!!)

But they also have Sunset Beach Bar right next door, highly recommended.... Great music, and great atmosphere.... Ladies drink free if topless, and I thought it was just going to be a bunch of horny women running around w/ their lesbian friends or whatever, but it defintely wasn't.... A lot of fun!!!

Also, definitely have to go to Cheri's (not sure of spelling) restaurant.... Excellent entertainment.... When we went there the Black Elvis was performing, lmao.... And several other things, i forgot what, but they really kept the audience entertained and involved... Oh yeah, they called up a few guys and had them dress in hula skirts and stuff, it was really kinddda funny, you had to be there, but seriously, everybody I've ever talked to about st. martins agrees w/ me, this place is a must!!!!

Also, Orient Beach as previously stated (It's not all nude, you have to walk several miles down. Great family beach) My hotel actually provided a bus there... and shopping in Philipsburgh, Dutch Side is a must.

Somebody else mentioned taking boat to Angulla.... Definitely recommended. My hotel offered a trip there, I think $150, and included a swim w/ the dolphins, as well as spending the day on the beach (and no, beach is not a beach, even compared to st. martins, anguillas beach was pure white sand, absolutely beautiful...) and also included lunch/snacks and stuff, so I thought that was worth it, just to swim w/ the dolphins -- Once in a lifetime opportunity, go for it!!!!

Also scuba diving/snorkeling.... I did try the scuba diving in the hotel pool, but I didn't really have the money to do the full thing.... Next time I go down, I think I"m going to do it.... Even the beginner dives are suppossed to have excellent views of underwater life...

Also, my hotel offered a tour of the island. Definitely take advantage of that, if offered, cuz they show you the history of the area, as well as some of the more off-beat areas you may miss driving yourself around. And now you don't have to rent a car, either (in which they drive wrong side of the road and stuff, ick). My tour actually stopped where we could pick our own cotton (technically you're not suppossed to, lol.... but it was a cotton plant, and we pulled the cotton off.....)

Anyways, I'm sure no matter where you choose, you'll have a great time.... Any questions, please ask
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Joined: 11 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008     Post subject: Reply with quote

Scuba diving around Proselyte Reef.
Windsurfing at Orient Beach and Coconut grove.
Snorkeling and swimming and body boarding
Para sailing of Orient Beach
Hiking there are 25 miles of clearly defined footpaths running through the hills and along the shore.
Sky Diving at Grand Case airport
Horseback riding
Best Beach for Active Types : Dawn Beach for snorkeling and body surfing.
Best Beach for a Half-Day Visit : Mullet Bay
Best Beach for the Dedicated Beach Bum : Orient Beach , aka Baie Orientale, technically, is located in St. Martin but it's an easy taxi ride from Philipsburg. The beach has a section for nudists as well as more crowded areas. You can rent water gear and beach lounges, and there are numerous bars and food shacks. Windsurfing is good here and you can rent equipment.
Secluded Beach : Cupecoy Beach , which has caves and rock cliffs, has lots of private nooks and crannies and Dawn Beach for snorkeling.
As St Maartens is 100% duty free almost anything. Best buys would be electrical goods, cameras ,gold, booze and cigarettes
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Joined: 08 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008     Post subject: Reply with quote

Lots of things to do on this Island. They have a lot of good pamphlets in the airport that will give you phone numbers to call for 4 wheeling, jet skiing , etc. I know that you do not have to be certified to go scuba diving on this island. One thing I would strongly urge you to do when scuba diving in Saint Martin is to get a scuba buoy to attach to your leg so that boaters, and jet skiers and others on the water can see your diving. The waters around this island have heavy traffic all the time. I notice that the natives all attach these red buoys to their legs with long nylon ropes when they are diving. Other wise your taking a strong change of being hit by some type of boat.
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Nelson John

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010     Post subject: Reply with quote

Saint Martin is an island in the northeast Caribbean. It is the smallest sea island of the Caribbean.

The island is known for its gourmet restaurants. The island is also popular for shopping.

It is a duty free island and has a lot of shopping activity to do. The famous goods are local crafts & arts, foods, jewelry, leather goods and designer goods.

The island is known for its festive nightlife, beaches, jewelry, shopping and clothes.

The Philipsburg and marigot have appealing and wonderful beaches to explore and enjoy.
Romantic bed and breakfasts
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2012     Post subject: Reply with quote

thank you

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012     Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, maybe I will also visit that place when I have a chance to have a Caribbean escapade soon.
Trainee Visa USA
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013     Post subject: Reply with quote

Marigot market is best recounted as a dissolving pot of hues, stinks and alert hustle and bustle. Stalls manned by locals trading fruit and vegetables, spices, local meats and fresh fish apprehended that day are housed under a mass of open Creole huts along the water front.

Rafting Side and Antalya
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015     Post subject: Reply with quote

I'd like to take a vacation in St. Maartein. I'll be flying out of Israel, with family. Can anyone recommend a travel agent that can help arrange this? Expertise in St. Maartein (if there is such a thing!) would be great.
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